Why Get Unstuck With Me

Hi, I am Rick Ellwood

For those of you who do not know me, I have been in the IM (internet Marketing) niche since 2008 and have never given up buying (I like to call it investing) info products and software almost weekly if not monthly basis.

To be honest, I never have wanted to be a millionaire and have all the material things that have that kind of money in the bank. So what do I want? Not a great habit when you are as broke as the next millionaire wanna-be right?

Here’s the kicker..I just want to have a decent income coming in to replace my day job income, even if I didn’t do any work for …lets say a three month period.

When I think about it, that is not a big ask is it? My monthly income is approximately 10% more than the average wage here in the UK.

When you break it down it surprisingly is equivalent to that golden target that a lot of marketers use as a bate of $100 a day everyday of the year. I guess that is why it works so well at converting in copywriting sales pages that project a virtual promise of such a figure?

Its sounds easy enough to achieve and yet over a decade on, here I am starting another website with the intention of showing others how to get unstuck and finally earning that kind of income from IM (internet marketing). By the way, I shall be using IM from here on in 😉

Here is a video that will explain my reasons for setting up this website, if I were to continue writing about it, I’m sure a lot of folk would not get to the points I want them to hear, and I hate to type for hours at a time anyway!

As you can see from this recording, Zoom works fine and is free by the way 😉

I will continue to record the process of building this site for anyone that is interested and moving forward you may find more how to videos available on getting UNSTUCK.

Stay focused getting unstuck,



You will know when I am earning from the methods I teach when I start to sign off with Unstuck Rick 😉

Finding Your Focus

What Do You Want To Focus On?

I have have been deliberating over the last couple of days on what exactly I should and could be my focus project for this year?

Its not as easy as some of these so called gurus tell us it is! I believe jfdi will become my mantra this year too, whatever it takes. If you don’t know what jfdi is yet just f-in do it is what it’s short for.

One of the key topics that I have a habit of returning to when it comes to internet marketing, is Domaining and Website flipping. I have invested a large part of my income in products that teach how to make money and an online career from doing both.

Domains And Domaining

I have already started a website that has my current domain portfolio listed on it called IMDomainer.com 

You are welcome to go take a look and see the type of domains that I have purchased over the years and I still invest in at least a couple a month for one reason or another. If you see a domain you are interested in or want to make me an offer, you can do it right there on the domains landing page.

I have started a training course on developing such a site for a WSO product that I will have completed before this month is out. Well, that’s my first getting Unstuck plan anyway 😉

Website Flipping

I think the business model of flipping websites was the first real buzz for me other than the initial idea of being able to make money online from home.

I couldn’t tell you how many courses on Flipping that I have purchased exact, but my aim has always been to be able to build a website of some kind and then sell it on for a quick profit.

There are so many options with this type of business that it would be foolish of me to go down another route in starting an online business. I love to look at a well designed website, wether it is just a landing page or a full blown blog, it really doesn’t matter to me, but I know I have the ability to build such sites in time.

My Business Model For 2019

This time last year I was just about to announce to the world the business model for 2018, but guess what?…Yep it didn’t happen because I lost my focus and continued to be a BSO addict and procrastinator.

I had invested in a website generating product that these guys had proven and continue to this day make thousands of dollars a year. I was so excited that I announced it on my then personal blog, that it was going to be my new business.

So what is it? It is called Store Buildr and all the websites are pre-built for the buyer ready to load to the web and all they have to do is send traffic to them. There are 5 new niche sites added monthly and as an affiliate, you could sell each site individually or as a pack. If you would like to take a look at this opportunity you can go to MyAffordableWebsites.com

For something more serious and you would like to follow the path I am taking this year? Then you may want to take a good look at EliteStoreBuildr.com

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